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Улюблені лампи покупців

Улюблені лампи покупців

In our assortment of lighting devices there are new lamps that deserve additional attention. We asked Tina Nymann, one of our interior and decor experts, what makes them special and where she would use them in her home.

“Lighting is crucial to the atmosphere in any home. Therefore, I decided to highlight two table lamps and a battery lamp that will add a soft, cozy light to your home," Tina begins and continues to describe each of them in detail.

Glass table lamp EDMUND

Настільна лампа зі скляною основою та сірим абажуром на мармуровому підносі

The EDMUND table lamp has a smoked glass base and a gray cotton shade that matches it perfectly. The simplicity of the color is perfectly combined with the design. EDMUND's elegance makes it ideal for the living room, both as a functional and decorative element. Put the EDMUND lamp on the bedside table and it instantly gives it a hotel feel,” says Tina.

The EDMUND lamp is 35 cm high.

Bamboo table lamp JULIUS

Настільна лампа в скандинавському стилі з бамбуковою ніжкою

"The JULIUS table lamp has a bamboo leg and a simple linen shade. The best embodiment of simple Scandinavian design! JULIUS will add subtle and soft light, making it ideal for a bedside table," says Tina.

HOLGER night lamp

Лампа-нічник HOLGER

“This season I also want to highlight our new HOLGER night lamp, which gives a warm and decorative light. The wireless lamp is easy to place in your home and create the perfect level of coziness. Use it on shelves, tables, or take it with you,” Tina enthuses.

Лампа акумуляторна з коричневого скла

The 16cm tall HOLGER night lamp comes with a permanent LED decorative bulb and 3 AAA batteries.


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